why paint striping your commercial parking lot matters

Parking lots are a big part of daily life. We see them at grocery stores, airports, schools, apartment complexes and businesses — but have you ever paid close attention to the painted lines on these lots? Parking lot striping on a commercial property you manage is essential.

What Is Parking Lot Paint Striping?

Parking lot striping, also called traffic markings, are the lines and symbols you see on a lot. Parking lot stripes make these areas more organized by alerting drivers to the flow of traffic and defining parking spots.

Effective paint striping for parking lots requires bright and durable painted lines. Line striping professionals create these bold, long-lasting lines with specially formulated paints that are visible in low light and last through various weather types. Comprehensive striping will include lines for parking stalls, arrows for exits, entrances and traffic flow, fire lanes, handicap markings and other critical elements.

importance of parking lot striping

Importance of Commercial Parking Lot Striping

Parking lot striping is crucial for commercial lots and property owners for various reasons. The most notable reason for paint striping is the need for clarity. When drivers use a lot — whether they’re a customer or a tenant — they need to know where to go to navigate the space. This clarity keeps navigation organized and prevents accidents and disarray on the property.

While this clarity is valuable to drivers, it is critical for pedestrians. Crosswalks, a type of paint striping, tell drivers when pedestrians have the right of way. Paint striping provides a safe and recognizable spot for pedestrians to cross the flow of traffic.

A commercial lot’s paint striping also supports compliance. The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) requires clearly marked handicap spots close to entrances, so those with wheelchairs and other mobility needs can easily access the property. Parking lot striping identifies designated handicapped spots, so individuals know where to park, and other drivers park elsewhere.

When parking lot striping begins to fade, a property’s clarity, safety and compliance disappear too. Maintaining these traffic markings keeps the property functional, safe and within regulations.

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