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At Toritom Services, we are proud to bring hard work, attention to detail and dedication to businesses throughout the state of Florida. Our highly skilled workers and diligent management team ensure our quality asphalt and concrete repairs and parking lot maintenance are always delivered to the highest quality standards.

Welcome to Toritom Services

Your parking lot and hardscape provide customers with their first impression of your business. Ensure it’s a positive one with quality asphalt and concrete repairs and installation from Toritom Services. Our family-owned business is a leading commercial asphalt paving company proudly serving communities all throughout Florida.

We believe quality is the hallmark of any good business, which is why we’re committed to providing outstanding customer service and lasting results at a great price. We have the knowledge, experience and industry know-how to ensure your complete satisfaction in a job well done.

Our Services

Florida commercial properties deserve quality asphalt and concrete contractor services. Our customers include large companies, office parks, stores, real estate properties, apartment complexes, shopping malls, strip malls and other locations requiring quality asphalt or concrete repairs or installation. We also ensure paved parking lots are compliant with the latest standards of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

Our professional contractor services include:

Benefits of Toritom Services

At Toritom Services, we don’t make exaggerated claims that fall short of your expectations. Instead, our customers can count on our commitment to a few key values that ensure each job is completed to the highest standards:

  • Communication: Communication is essential at each stage of your project. From following up each lead with an in-person visit to keeping you in the loop throughout the job, you can count on frequent communication and outstanding customer service.
  • Problem-solving: Flexibility is essential, as it allows us to adjust to unforeseen complications and tight deadlines with ease. Plus, once we assess your project, we can advise you on how to remedy a situation or prevent future difficulties.
  • Reliability: We are committed to completing your project within a reasonable timeline, and we’ll supervise all jobs to ensure optimal quality control.
  • High-quality employees: Our highly skilled workers and supervisors have been with us for years. Our low turnover rate is a testament to the quality and professionalism we bring to each job.
  • Peace of mind: We offer transparent pricing, itemized bids for each project, high-quality materials free from environmental contaminants and a one-year warranty. These benefits can ease your mind that Toritom Services is the right company for the job.
  • Follow-ups: After we finish the job as scheduled, we will follow up as many times as needed to ensure your complete satisfaction.

Our Locations

Toritom Services provides outstanding quality and commitment to businesses throughout the state of Florida, including the following areas and more:

If you have any questions or you’d like to schedule your free, no-obligation quote, reach out to us online or contact us toll-free at 941-269-2579.