Pothole Overlay and Resurfacing

Professional Pothole Repair Services

A pothole is an area on the pavement where the asphalt or concrete has opened up, allowing water to penetrate the surface. These unsightly gaps in the pavement can damage cars and make walking on the surface more dangerous.

Potholes can create both aesthetic and physical problems in any parking lot. It’s best to schedule repairs as soon as you notice a pothole developing.

While potholes may start small, they slowly get bigger over time as people drive over them, creating potential hazards. Professional property maintenance services can help fill cracks to make a durable, smooth surface for vehicles and fix small potholes before they become larger problems.

Consistent pothole repair extends the life of roads, parking lots and other paved surfaces and makes for safer, stronger roadways. Pothole repair also keeps the properties you manage looking fresh and well-maintained, ensuring a good user experience for anyone driving on the pavement. With professional pothole repair, you can keep people safe and avoid vehicle damage on your property.

Pothole In Asphalt

How Is a Pothole Made?

Repeated pressure from car tires and heat exposure lead to potholes. In warm climates, excessive heat causes cracks in the pavement’s surface, which lets water into your asphalt and causes damage. The heat and water exposure create air gaps under the surface and erode the asphalt over time, creating potholes. Water also expands as it freezes, leading to larger cracks and potholes. Climates with extreme temperatures in either direction are especially prone to potholes due to the increased exposure to heat or freezing temperatures.

Potholes also form due to exposure to heat, water and pressure from car tires. As cars continuously travel on asphalt, the repeated stress leads to cracking, which natural elements can intensify. Areas with increased traffic from heavy vehicles such as semi-trucks, tractors or oversized loads may also experience higher instances of cracks and potholes.

Why Is Commercial Property Pothole Repair Important?

Do-it-yourself (DIY) patching comes undone and only repairs erosion temporarily. Potholes spread as soon as they form, so patching fails to solve the problem permanently. A professional repair can save you money on future services and give you a strong asphalt overlay.

Professional repairs offer lasting solutions. Toritom Service’s resurfacing and overlay services will completely fill potholes and cracks in the surface of your asphalt or concrete to create a seamless driving experience on properties you manage. We provide durable and efficient asphalt and concrete repairs that will last for years to come. Investing in professional maintenance now gives your tenants added peace of mind, knowing the property’s pavement will be safe for users in the long run. 

Contact us for our 20-minute pothole repair and avoid the temporary and expensive DIY patching process.

What Are Resurfacing and Overlay?

Resurfacing and overlay involve layering about two inches of asphalt over the existing surface to smooth and fill any cracks or potholes. Instead of completely removing the old asphalt, it serves as a base for the new material during this process.

This method saves you both time and money. We efficiently cover faults in the surface of your concrete or asphalt without going through unnecessary structural changes. Resurfacing and overlay will help keep your property’s pavement smooth and safe for vehicles while saving you money. 

What Are the Benefits of Professional Property Maintenance Services?

Investing in regular professional pothole repair is essential to maintaining safe roadways and driveways that allow for ease in travel.

Pothole repair makes your tenant’s property more accessible, making it easier for their customers to get in and out of the location and navigate the pavement. Your tenant’s customers are more likely to return if they know that their car will not be damaged by potholes and cracks on the property.

Other benefits of overlay and resurfacing include the following:

  • Increased safety: With fully repaired asphalt or concrete parking lots, motorists can drive safely without swerving to avoid running over potholes or cracks. Vehicles will move in predictable patterns over the lot, ensuring a higher degree of safety for pedestrians and other vehicles.
  • Cost efficiency: We can eliminate your pothole problem in just 20 minutes and save you the money associated with DIY patches. Our commercial property pothole repair services can give you a lasting, durable solution that lowers your costs over time by preventing the need for further maintenance in the near future.
  • Improved appearance: Potholes are an eyesore, and a new overlay shows others you care about your property and will invest in its appearance. Asphalt and concrete repairs give a commercial property a well-maintained and up-to-date look so the properties you manage stand out from the rest. 
  • Quality customer service: Toritom Services will ensure you’re totally satisfied with the result we deliver. Our team members respond quickly to project changes or updates and follow up with you to make sure you get the repair or installation services you need. 


How Can I Request More Information?

Toritom Services can help you with your next resurfacing or overlay project in cities including Tampa, Orlando and more in Florida. We specialize in commercial properties of all sizes, from retail locations to apartment complexes.

Toritom is a family-owned and operated business that offers reliable and lasting repairs. We provide excellent customer service and will quickly adjust to unexpected circumstances to meet tight deadlines. We’ll follow up with you as much as necessary to ensure complete satisfaction with your service.

With Toritom Services, you get direct communication with our highly trained team members, allowing for more efficient and accurate progress on your project. You’ll also get a one-year warranty on all of our services, guaranteeing your satisfaction with the result.

Call us at 941-404-5164 or contact us online today for more information about our property maintenance services and pothole repairs. We’ll set you up with a quote and answer your questions.