Commercial Asphalt Paving Overlay

When your tenant’s commercial property, parking lot or other asphalt surface wears down, getting a new layer of asphalt over the existing surface could be the solution for you. Rather than replacing the surface, you may find that a new layer over the existing asphalt can revitalize its overall appearance and provide long-lasting performance for day-to-day use.

At ToriTom Services, we’re here to optimize any asphalt repair needs. We offer trusted services and a highly responsive team ready to deliver results for a commercial property. Work with us to develop a safer, more accessible, and more attractive space for the tenants you manage.

Asphalt surface overlay is when a new layer of asphalt is placed over an existing layer, providing a convenient approach to refinishing worn-down, older layers of asphalt. The new layer can cover up imperfection and optimize functionality, saving time and energy on repairs while giving you a surface with longer service life.

When to Choose Asphalt Overlay Over Replacement

As part of our overlay services, we will assess your property to determine if an overlay is the best option for you. However, you can also examine your property’s asphalt on your own to identify signs of wear that indicate whether asphalt overlay or replacement is more viable for your unique situation. 

It’s best to choose commercial asphalt overlay when:

  • You see small cracks: Parking lots have to withstand heavy traffic that naturally leads to surface wear. If you see small, weblike cracks across the surface of your lot, an overlay is a smart move. When you see large cracks that seem to have more depth or width, your asphalt parking lot is probably a better candidate for replacement.
  • Surface problems increase risk: If you’re seeing small dips and cracks in the asphalt that can lead to tripping, it’s time for an asphalt overlay. While these blemishes likely don’t run deeply into the lot, they’re most likely to come in contact with your tenants. Consider your risks as a property manager and address these areas of damage as soon as they show up.
  • You want to save money in the long term: Maintaining your parking lot extends its lifetime and reduces the need for a total replacement in the future. Rather than waiting around for your parking lot to reach extreme levels of wear, adding an asphalt overlay can extend its life by up to 15 years. Make small maintenance choices now to prevent big expenses in the next few years.

Benefits of Asphalt Overlay

By contacting an experienced asphalt pavement overlay company like ToriTom to care for your Florida property, you’ll provide several advantages for your tenants, including:

  • Durability: When you get a new layer of asphalt applied to a property’s existing surface, the reinforced surface can last even through long-term use. An asphalt surface is more resistant to wear than materials like brick or wood, making asphalt ideal for surfaces that take a lot of use from cars and other loads.
  • Increased property value: High-quality asphalt surface laying can enhance the overall market value of properties you manage. It can also boost curb appeal for tenants and other visitors. If you’re considering investing in or selling your property, getting an attractive new layer of asphalt can revitalize its overall aesthetic.
  • Saved time: Parking lot replacements are necessary for some circumstances, but they’re also more time-consuming than asphalt overlays. Choosing an overlay can help you improve the condition of your lot without disrupting your tenants or their business operations for an extended period.
  • Easy maintenance: If the asphalt overlay needs to be cleaned, all that is needed is a hose or power washer to complete the job quickly. With a new asphalt layer, you can also prevent cracks or breakages that might require additional maintenance.

Our Service Locations

At ToriTom Services, we offer optimized asphalt paving repair and maintenance services throughout Florida and the Southeastern United States, including, but not limited to the following regions:

Whatever your applications, our team is ready to help find the best asphalt paving overlay solutions for a commercial property. We’ll come on-site to your location to handle the job from start to finish.

machine overlaying asphalt.

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