Commercial Property Managers need to take particular note of the ADA Compliance Laws and any changes to the laws. These ADA Compliance laws apply irrespective of property size. In the case of Commercial Property Managers, the correct number of adequately signed and handicapped-accessible parking stalls must be available with the required number of van parking spaces.

Failure to be ADA compliant with pavement markings, signage, ramp requirements, etc. can leave you liable for fines and penalties and possible lawsuits.

As a responsible Commercial Property Manager, you will want to comply not just because of regulation, but also regularly keep up with any updates to the regulation. This not only shows you care about your customers, particularly those with disabilities but also that you want your parking lot to be fully accessible to all visitors.

We have reproduced the basic ADA Compliance Regulations, which can be downloaded from our site. You can also visit for more information.

The ADA also requires that locations must have enough accessible parking spots. This table shows how many accessible spaces are needed based on the total amount of parking lot spaces. 

Total Parking Spaces Provided

Required Number of Accessible Spaces

1-25 1
26-50 2
51-75 3
76-100 4
101-150 5
151-200 6
201-300 7
301-400 8
401-500 9
501-1,000 2% of total
1001+ 20 plus 1 for every 100 spaces

Interested in learning more about ADA Compliance or unsure if your parking lot meets regulation? Contact us today for more information about our parking lot services for your Commercial Property.