Important Benefits of Asphalt Sealcoating

Asphalt pavement is composed of sand, cement and gravel mixed with a black, sticky material to bind them together. This type of pavement is what workers commonly use to build and maintain low- and high-traffic areas. Paved asphalt roads and parking lots are safe, smooth and durable. However, over time, harsh chemicals and weather damage deteriorate the asphalt surface. 

Sealing asphalt provides a protective layer from environmental forces like ultraviolet rays to help limit chips, cracks or potholes. At ToriTom Services, we offer sealcoating services to safeguard your asphalt pavement from water, oil and UV sun damage. 

Why Is Sealcoating Necessary?

Sealcoating applies a thick, tarry substance to protect and preserve the asphalt surface. When sprayed onto dry asphalt pavement, this coating helps the paved surface last longer by protecting it from the elements like weather and ultraviolet rays. Whether your asphalt is new, repaired or has undergone recent maintenance, sealing it will increase a property’s appearance and safety. 

What Are the Benefits of Asphalt Sealcoating? 

A commercial property is an investment, and sealcoating provides a cost-effective, beneficial solution for longevity and sustainability. Much of the asphalt used today is reused and recycled from previous projects, making this material very eco-friendly. There are numerous benefits to caring for your asphalt pavement, which include: 

  • Extending pavement life span: The sun’s ultraviolet rays, precipitation such as rain and snow, and vehicle fluids like oils and chemicals begin to break down asphalt pavement over time. Water and other liquids erode the underlying pavement. Hot climates increase oxidation levels, making the pavement brittle over time. With protective sealcoating, you can block out these harmful factors from damaging the pavement surface and penetrating the lower layers. When a property manager is able to keep damage to a minimum, the pavement lasts longer.  
  • Reducing maintenance costs: If minor issues are fixed, a property manager can save money instead of having to do more expensive, time-consuming repairs down the road. Asphalt is flexible and shifts under the weight of vehicles to prevent everyday wear and tear. Asphalt pavement can last many years when properly maintained, and staying ahead on maintenance through sealcoating can greatly increase the life span of paved surfaces. 
  • Eliminating safety concerns: Cracked and chipped asphalt pavement creates tripping and slipping hazards, particularly when precipitation is present. Potholes lead to damaged tires, alignment issues and a variety of other problems for vehicle owners. When you use asphalt sealcoating to prevent these safety concerns, you build trust by showing people on the property you manage that you care about their safety and security. 
  • Improving curb appeal: A parking lot acts as a welcome mat to a property. You want the building or facility you manage to look inviting and remain appealing to tenants, customers and other guests. Over time, asphalt pavement becomes worn and faded. A new coat of sealant adds a crisp black finish to your parking lot. This simple solution increases a commercial property’s curb appeal and shows the intention to keep a vibrant property. 

How Does Asphalt Resurfacing Differ From Sealcoating? 

Asphalt resurfacing is an effective solution for the damage once pavement reaches a certain stage of deterioration and develops potential hazards like potholes. While sealcoating protects preexisting asphalt pavement, resurfacing removes and recovers the top layer of asphalt to put down a fresh layer. If a parking lot has a solid foundation, this option helps save money by fixing what is already there rather than replacing the asphalt entirely. You can then perform sealcoating to maintain the new surface.  

Request a Sealcoating Estimate for Your Florida Property

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