Potholes occur when an area of asphalt or concrete erodes and leaves a hole in the surface. In addition to diminishing a property’s visual appeal, potholes are a dangerous hazard that can lead to vehicular accidents and significant issues for the road or parking lot they’ve affected.

You can patch and repair potholes as they come, or you can employ preventive measures to keep your property in the best shape possible. Learn more about the dangers of potholes and how ToriTom Services can help patch and prevent them.

How Potholes Form in Florida

Freezing water contributes to pothole formation in some places, but in Florida, the primary culprits are heat and sunlight. In conjunction with water and traffic, these environmental elements lead to erosion in unsealed asphalt.

Over time, heat and sunlight cause surface cracks, allowing water to seep into the asphalt. As cars drive over these surface cracks, they spread, and the cycle repeats to form a hole.

The Dangers of Potholes

Leaving untreated potholes in a parking lot or driveway has the potential to represent several significant dangers for motorists, making it critical for property managers to take care of these unsightly hazards quickly to prevent problems like the following.

1. Potholes Cause Accidents

A hole in the road is not necessarily dangerous on its own. However, most drivers do not anticipate potholes. If a driver unexpectedly encounters a pothole while driving, they might swerve or slam on their brakes. This panicked reaction can lead to more severe accidents.

2. Potholes Damage Vehicles

When they get big enough, potholes pose an immediate risk to vehicles. Hitting one of these spots can cause extensive damage to a car, including:

  • Damaged or flat tires
  • Suspension problems
  • Cracked frames
  • Poor wheel alignment

3. Potholes Threaten Motorcyclists

Motorcyclists are at an even higher risk for injury from potholes. When a motorcycle collides with a pothole, the impact can cause serious damage to the bike or even cause a wreck. Without the protection afforded by an enclosed vehicle, cyclists can endure severe injuries.

Motorcyclists should always stay vigilant when scanning for road hazards, especially those on the pavement’s surface.

4. Potholes Are a Liability for Property Managers

If you are responsible for the upkeep of a paved lot, you could be liable for vehicle damage due to potholes. As a landlord or property manager, you want to keep your tenants happy and safe. Patching potholes as soon as they start to develop can help boost your property’s appearance and prevent costly litigation.

With preventive maintenance, you can protect yourself and others and keep your lot looking attractive.

Contact ToriTom Services for Pothole Prevention and Repair

ToriTom Services can take care of any asphalt issue. We offer pothole patching, maintenance plans and other services to help keep parking lots safe and damage-free.

We offer free, no-obligation estimates for your asphalt lot. Our maintenance plans are a great way to schedule appointments ahead of time and stay on top of your lot maintenance to eliminate the dangers of potholes.

For more information, contact us online to speak to a professional or schedule an on-site estimate. Reach out today to get started!