Tack Coat vs. Prime Coat

  Tack Coat vs. Prime Coat  Commercial property managers want to ensure their paved surfaces are high-quality, durable and supportive of their tenants' needs. Knowing the benefits of tack coat versus prime coat application can help property managers make the best...

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How to Manage Tenant Parking Problems

How to Manage Tenant Parking Problems As a commercial property manager, you work hard to provide your tenants with quality housing. From helping with maintenance requests to answering questions about leases, you help residents with various issues each day. In turn,...

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10 Asphalt Pavement Issues and How to Fix Them

Asphalt pavement can make any commercial property look pristine. However, cracks, ruts and other damages threaten that image and may cause issues for people driving or walking over the affected area. A parking lot free from asphalt damage lets tenants and customers...

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