Sealcoating is a vital aspect of maintaining your asphalt and ensuring it not only looks good but protects it from the elements to avoid premature cracking etc. Not sealcoating is rather a false economy as over time the surface will degrade due to environmental factors. By having a pro-active approach and sealcoating not only will the asphalt look good, but it will save you money in the medium and  long term.

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Asphalt areas such as car parking lots that are faded, grey or patchy gives the impression that whoever is managing it shows little interest in providing the customer with an initial positive impact. In contrast a dark black sealant provides color uniformity over the area and simply lifts the aesthetic appeal to look like new, providing an initial positive impact that the owners cares.

Sealcoating Benefits

Reducing Water Penetration 

When water comes in contact with unsealed asphalt and is allowed to form puddles it can penetrate into the asphalt and breakdown the chemicals in the asphalt potentially weakening areas keading to cracks or divots. Over time divots in weakened asphalt areas can lead to potholes.

Asphalt UV Protection

Sealcoating the surface provides a sun screen shield stopping UV rays from prematurely aging the asphalt and minimizes oxidation. If the asphalt does not have this protection it will turn grey in color and then oxidation of the tar will weaken and break down. Tar holds the asphalt aggregate together and so once weakened will cause crumbling.

Sealcoating Prevents Vehicle Fluid Damage

Unsealed Asphalt is exposed to the possibility of pre-mature breakdown from vehicle fluid drips/spillages; ( gasoline, oil, transmission fluids etc.) and also looks very unsightly.

For example when engines oil sits for any length of time on unsealed asphalt it will penetrate and start to break the asphalt down leaving it; more susceptible to cracking and crumbling. This in turn leaves the surface more susceptible to other attacks such as water penetration thus compounding and exacerbating the problem. When we sealcoat the asphalt, the coal tars used in the sealcoat are impervious to gas and oil spillages.

Improved Surface Flexibility.

Sealcoating is black in color which does not reflect the rays from the sun and absorbs the heat. The heat from the sun is actually a benefit as it makes the driving surface more pliable and thus helps it to withstand the rigors of being driven upon without cracking. By sealcoating the asphalt you benefit from the sun while still protecting the layer below from its harmful UV rays.