Asphalt Repair and Resurfacing in Orlando, FL

If you have asphalt on your property, you need to keep it looking and feeling great. Toritom is here to help. We offer asphalt repair in Orlando, FL, and the surrounding areas. If you need us to fill any potholes or resurface your asphalt, we’ll help you out. Give us a call today.

Our Services

Asphalt is strong and durable, but it won’t last forever. You may notice cracks, crumbling, or sinking holes. Cracks are normally caused by cold weather; when snow melts and trickles into your asphalt, it refreezes and expands to crack the material. If the crack is small enough, we can come and repair it without any additional services.

Another problem you’re likely to see are potholes. Potholes, just like cracks, are caused by water seepage. This seepage creates a weak point in the asphalt, which turns into a pothole as cars drive over it. You may have holes in your parking lot, driveway, or entryway. Don’t try a DIY patch; instead, hire us for our 20-minute pothole repair service, which is durable and permanent.

Finally, if your pavement has a lot of issues, we can resurface the space. This asphalt pavement resurfacing includes an inches-thick new layer of asphalt, which we’ll pour over your entire pavement space. If the base of your asphalt is in good condition but the surface has cracks and holes, this is a great repair option.

No matter what issue is tearing away at your asphalt, trust Toritom Asphalt Services for repairs.

Our Company

We’ve been in business for years now, and our company is still family-owned and -operated. We treat each of our customers like part of the family, and we do everything we can to ensure your satisfaction. We’re located in Orlando, FL, but we’re willing to travel far distances to properties you own, so contact us today at 941-779-8981 to ask about our services.