Asphalt Full Depth Reclamation (FDR) is a technique from Asphalt Cold Milling. In Full Depth Reclamataion where the old asphalt surface and a proportion of the base material are uniformly pulverized, mixed and compacted to make a strong durable road base material, ready to take an new asphalt layer on top.

The final road base material obviously depends on the quality of the pulverized material and if it is considered insufficient to take the rigors of vehicular traffic, additives are added such as virgin aggregate, crushed concrete and recycled aggregate. Stabilizing agents such as fly ash, lime and portland cement will be added as needed .

There are several benefits to full depth reclamation including:


  • Recycling materials preserves natural resources.
  • By re-using the asphalt and base materials in place it means almost no trucks are needed to bring in materials and so lessens the carbon footprint.
  • Trucks are also not needed for disposal of the material.
  • Minimal disruption to traffic as the work is done in place.
  • Asphalt ‘Reflective Cracking’ is eliminated.
  • Restores the curb-reveal of parking lots that already has overlays.
  • Restores pavement to a uniform cross-section and longitudinal profile.